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Media site or blog
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Firhma | News GC Template

The News GC Template is a media website or blog.
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Firhma | About The Language Options
  • Bilingual means English and French.
  • Other means any Language that is not English or French.


News GC Template | Description and options
  • An  unlimited number of Posts
  • An unlimited number of Categories
  • The Homepage
    • A full width slider with the headline News
    • The latest news on 6 main catégories
    • A slider with the latest news
    • An additional slider with random news from all categories
  • Advertisement spaces (custom ads, Google Adsense or any automated ads provider)
  • The Sidebar
    • Banner ads
    • Popular posts generator
    • Recent posts
    • Facebook page Display
    • Twitter page display (can be added for free)
  • An unlimited number of standard pages
  • The navigation menu is Modern
  • The logo position is on the Left
  • The template background color is White

We can remove any section that you do not want.


Standard pages options and features.

Firhma | Base options
(All these options are available in your page editor)
  • Choose Text size and color
  • Add Text underline
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Special characters
  • Align left, center and right
  • Shift text to the left or right
  • Add Bulleted list
  • Add Numbered list
  • Separate page content with horizontal line
  • Insert links in texts, images and Videos
Firhma | Fancy options
(All these options are available in your page editor)
  • Up to 6 columns
  • More than 200 Icons
  • 4 styles of icon display
  • Warning Message
  • Buttons
  • Dropcap
  • Decorative links
  • Highlights
  • Popups
  • Progress Bar
  • Social Media share box
  • Infotip
  • Accordion
  • And more


Firhma | Free Website Customization
For all templates with Firhma 
  • The Template background color and image
    • The template background color is the default color for all your pages.
    • You can request a background image instead of a color or vice versa.
  • The Navigation Menu
    • We can change the text color, the font, and the background color.
  • The Text colors and fonts for
    • The Standard Pages
    • The Portfolio Pages
    • The Product pages
  • The Icons
    • We can change the main color
  • The Footer
    • We can change the text color, font, and background color
Contact us for more template customization, the Content Management Service is free for 30days. You must send us all Images and Texts to add to your website.


Firhma | News GC Template| Media website or blog

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English, French, Bilingual

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