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Domain Renewal Scams

Domain Renewal Scams - SEO Scams

Domain renewal scams target website owners. Scammers send you an invoice and push you into renewing a service that you never ordered. The email sound like you are at risk of losing your domain name or website if you don’t comply.

Domain Renewal Scams

Their websites seem legit, most of them pretend to offer SEO services, but it’s a scam. In fact, the service doesn’t exist. If you make the payment, you won’t receive any SEO service. And your website will not rank higher on Google and other search engines. Don’t fall for the scam, you won’t lose your website. They send the random emails to any website owner whose information is public. They don’t have access to your website or domain name.

About the scammers | Domain renewal scams
  • They have no access to your domain name or website.
  • They include a payment link in the fraudulent email.
  • And they protect their personal information with Domain Privacy.
What to do if you receive this type of email | Domain renewal scams
  • Don’t click on the link.
  • Report the scam online.
  • Send the email to your spam folder.

This is an ongoing scam from many websites. Anybody can register a domain name and use it to defraud people online.

When you register a domain name and you don’t protect your personal information, everything is public. You will receive all type of emails that are intended to scam you. When the scammers can’t find your email online, they send the fraudulent message via your website contact form. If you receive an email from a fake company requesting a payment for your website, log in to your client area or Cpanel to verify the information. Notify the company that you are affiliated with.

Do not click on links from a suspicious email because it can contain viruses.


Watch out! 

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