Domain Listings Scam - SEO Scams |

Domain Listings Scam – SEO Scams

Domain Listings Scam - SEO Scams

Since more domains and websites are created, ‘domain listings scam’ emails are more popular and frequent. You receive an email claiming to be from a domain service company. They request payment for your website search engine submission.


They claim that your site might not be listed on search engines unless you make the payment. The scammers have no power over whose website can or can’t be listed online. They have no affiliation to Google, Bing and other search engines.  They, themselves, can’t get their own websites on Google. It’s a scam.

The ‘Domain listings scam’ emails are sent randomly to website’s owners. Their strategy is to send as many emails as possible in the hope of getting paid. Even a small percentage of payments can be very lucrative. Their website disappears within weeks of their bulk email marketing scam.

They create a website, send the emails, receive a specific number of payments, then delete the fraudulent website. Then, They start over with a new domain name but a similar website.

Sometimes search engines catch up with them and mark their website as unsafe, but it’s usually too late for those that paid for the service.

Some scammers are being more sophisticated with this ‘domain listings scam‘. They send the fraudulent emails to potential victims, but instead of asking them to pay online, they request a phone call to make the payment. This is even more dangerous because they get all your credit card or bank account information. They might use phone numbers from the US or Canada, but just like their website, the number will stop working after making enough victims.

If you make the payment, your website won’t rank better on search engines. Paying them won’t get you more customers. If you are on a low budget you’re better off paying for PPC services like Google Ads (Adwords) or popular classifieds sites like Kijiji, which will drive traffic to your website and potential new clients.

Paying for domain listings services doesn’t guarantee that your website will appear on Google, Bing and other search engines. You must find a reliable company to get a chance of getting your site online. Search engine submission services can be very expensive, it all depends on your focus keyword.

The price listed by the scammers in the email is just ridiculous. You can’t get a good SEO service at that price because it takes time and a lot of work. Millions of websites fight for a position on Google, but it’s possible with the right strategy.

Some site owners don’t know that it’s a scam, so they make the payment without research. Others are desperate to get ranking online, so they pay the scammers in the hope of getting more clients.

Don’t ever pay for a service you didn’t request and coming from an unknown website or company. When it comes to SEO, always do your own research before hiring a company. 95% of random SEO services are ‘Domain listings Scam‘. You can’t retrace them or get your money back.

What to do if you receive a fraudulent email about your site? | Domain listings Scam
  • Don’t click on the links, they can have viruses.
  • Take a screenshot and share it online.
  • Send the email to your spam list.
  • Don’t forget to report the scam.
Take a look at samples of their email scam (real emails from the scammers)

Domain Listings Scam - SEO Scams

Domain Listings Scam - SEO Scams

Domain Listings Scam - SEO Scams


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