Bitcoin Extorsion Emails - Fake Software - Don't Believe it |

Bitcoin Extorsion Emails – Fake Software – Don’t Believe it

Let’s get straight to the point. Emails claiming that your device or computer was infected by a software you downloaded are scams. Bitcoin extorsion emails can take many forms. But it’s always the same story.

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The scammers want you to pay a certain amount of money by Bitcoin to delete a fake file. Don’t fall for it, the scum bags have nothing on you. They send the message to private emails, website owners or any email that they can find online.

The scam is usually related to your webcam. The scammers claim to have recorded you while you were visiting a pornographic website. They also claim to have your contact list. They threaten to release the video online and send it to your contact list if you refuse to make the payment.

Bitcoin Extorsion Emails are becoming more common. You can receive 3 emails from 3 different scammers in a day. But it’s a lie.

The emails are totally random. They send the message to thousands of people hoping that a small percentage will fall for it. If you make the mistake of sending the money, they won’t stop asking you for more.

Keep in mind that they will not stop and scamming is their full-time job. You have to be careful. You should never send money to someone trying to extort you.

Read the fraudulent email below

Bitcoin Extorsion Emails - Fake Software


Watch out! 


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