Affiliate Program - Up to 120$ per lead -

Affiliate Program

The affiliate program allows you to earn up to $ 120 per customer, The earnings are unlimited and you receive a payment every week. There is no annual or membership fee. You can use a part of your credit at to acquire domain names, websites or other services using your promo code.

Up To 120$ per referred client

Unlimited earnings

Weekly Payments

Fast payout every week

No Membership Fees

You will never pay any annual, monthly or membership fees
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Terms and Conditions

1. Please note that we verify all your information before activating your account. Your First and Last Name must be correct to receive your weekly payment.
2. You are solely responsible to report your annual income with The Canada Revenue Agency. At the end of each year, you will receive a balance sheet of the Total accumulated income during the year.
3. We can at any time suspend or cancel your account, if we are aware of illegal activities or false advertising of our products or services.
4. It is prohibited to promote our services on websites or platforms that promote racism, have pornographic or illegal content.

I accept the above terms and conditions

If a service is not paid in full. The affiliate will receive his / her commission after the full payment has been completed by the client. Our design services are not reimbursable please read our terms and conditions.


Custom Website Design

  • Multi-Page | 120$ per referred client
  • One-Page | 40$ per referred client

Website Templates

  • Advanced Bilingual | 90$ per referred client
  • Advanced [French or English] | 60$ per referred client
  • Premium Bilingual | 60$ per referred client
  • Premium [ French or English] | 40$ per referred client
  • OnePage Bilingue | 40$ per referred client
  • OnePage [French or English] | 20$ per referred client


  • Logo 3D | 15$ per referred client
  • Logo Simple | 10$ per referred client

Business Cards

We currently do not offer any credit for this product at this time.

Website Banner

  • Downloadable Website Banner | 10$ per referred client

External Services

  • Template Installation  | 50$ per referred client
  • CMS  Installation | 30$ per referred client
  • Website Errors | 20% of the total invoice
  • Website Customisation | 20% of the total invoice
  • Coding | 20% of the total invoice

To check the amount of your credit and referred client list, visit::

  1. My Account
  2. My credits

Payments are processed every week [Usually on Friday].

If you have not received your payment for the week, contact [Alex P.] or follow these instructions

  1. Support
  2. Send a message to
  3. Administration
  4. [Subject: Payment not received]

If you have a question about our reference programs, click on “Ask a Question” at the top of the page.

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